UC San Diego


Our research program is focused on a bioinspired approach to fundamental inorganic and organometallic chemistry that is motivated by addressing current challenges in chemistry and chemical biology. Effort will be dedicated to understanding and uncovering new design principles, structural properties, electronic profiles and reactivity patterns of transition metal, main group, and supramolecular systems and exploring their function and utility in biologically-relevant applications. Synthetic inorganic chemistry will guide the development of new well-defined molecular systems designed to interact with complex biological targets by engaging in important protein-protein and protein-saccharide recognition processes. Other research efforts are dedicated to building new bioinspired synthetic platforms by merging organic, inorganic, and biological architectures that have the potential to lead to the isolation and stabilization of interesting and new highly reactive species as well as the discovery of new biomimetic catalysts.



Office: Tata Hall 1202

Lab: Tata Hall 1301